Friday, July 27, 2012

Dr. Sprinkler Storyline

In 2007 Paul Godfrey, then an undergraduate student at USU, worked at a local sprinkler parts retailer. Paul watched customer after customer complain about malfunctioning sprinkler systems and the landscaping and handymen who only did a quick fix, leaving them with a broken system just a few days later.
After four years at the sprinkler parts retailer, Paul decided that a new business model could revolutionize the way customers interact with their sprinkler systems. Dr. Sprinkler Repairs was the result; a business that focuses on making solid, reliable repairs for people who want to stop hassling with their sprinkler system. Five years later, Dr. Sprinkler is the premier sprinkler repair service in Davis, Weber, and Cache county.

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  1. That is totally right, a real business does not become successful without a story behind it. This story is truly a result of how us Americans have the opportunity to succeed.